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A "Featured" is a contest that does not have to fill in order to make/payout.

GOAT Draft is currently availble to play in the following states. Alaska, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kansas, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Carolina, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Texas, Utah, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

Your SUB will be used if a player from your selected lineup's status changes to OUT before the start of the Slate.  Your SUB will be inserted into the X slot with the OUT player. If a SUB is not used they do not acquire points and are removed from the team at the start of their contest. In some cases a player may be held out of a game and not recieve an OUT status (Coaches Decision etc..). Though we do our best to provide lastest information Goat Draft uses a third party stats provider and is not responsible for last minute status changes to a player.    

If 1 game on a 4 or more game Slate gets postponed or canceled the players selected for that game will not recieve points. If more than 1 game on a Slate gets canceled, then the Slate will be canceled and all entries will be refunded. However, if the postponed or canceled game is on a Triple G mode Slate the Slate will be canceled and entries will be refunded.

You can withdraw funds by entering your wallet and selecting withdraw. However, you are only able to withdraw winnings. When deposits are made they are considered "Play Through" until these funds have been entered into contests they can't get be withdrawn. If you need assistance on withdrawing a recent (last 30 days) deposit please contact support@goatdraft.com. Example: If you deposit $25 and enter a $20 contest and win $100. You will have $5 "Play Through" and $100 available for withdrawal. Please allow3-5 business days to process withdrawal.

You may delete your account anytime you like by selecting settings and Delete Account tab. If you have funds in your account they must be withdrawn before deletion will be allowed. Please note that all remaining Goat Chips will be forfeited upon deletion.

Currently GOAT Draft doest not offer Live Swaaping. Once the first game on the slate starts, all players on your team are locked.

If there is an "M" in a yellow circle next to the contest, this means you can enter the contest Multiple times. On website hovering over the M will show you amount of entries allowed.

A "Beginner" contest is for new users and can only be entered by a user that has participated in less than 500 contests. 

All player "Target's" are updated daily at 11:30 AM CST.

The "Target Exceeded" multipliers start working once the players "Target" is exceeded. Only the points that exceed the "Target" are multiplied. Example: A player in the X3 Slot has a "Target" of 20. If this players scores 30 Fantsy Points then 10 points will be multiplied by X3 and this score will be added to the total Fantasy Points. 30FP + (10X3) bonus = 60 Total Goat Draft Fantasy Points.